Rosé’s Reaction To Technical Problems At Coachella Was So Smooth Nobody Noticed

Everyone is applauding her true professionalism:

BLINKs can hardly believe BLACKPINK‘s Rosé experienced technical problems at Coachella because the way she handled them was so smooth it was almost the problem never happened!


BLACKPINK have been taking the whole world by storm at Coachella and with their sizzling performances they’ve even caught the attention of non-fans!


One of their amazing performances, however, didn’t just bring the heat, it also showed  Rosé’s amazing professionalism! During BLACKPINK’s performance of “Don’t Know What To Do”, Rosé experienced some trouble from her in earpiece and ever so subtly signaled to the tech crew.


Her movements were so subtle that if you blinked you probably missed it!

Here’s a slowed down version in case you missed it! 


It wasn’t just her signal that was ridiculously smooth, the way she revealed that the problem was fixed was also flawless. With a quick, almost imperceptible nod, she revealed that the problem had been fixed!


BLINKs that caught sight of Rosé’s actions were beyond impressed with how she handled the whole situation without anyone really noticing that she had problems in the first place.


Some BLINKs even admitted that Rosé’s actions were so smooth they simply thought she was doing some new choreography for the performance!


Rosé is a true professional and her reaction at Coachella proves it without a doubt!