BLACKPINK’s Rosé & Red Velvet’s Irene Wore The Same Top But Served Different Vibes

Both looked beyond stunning!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Red Velvet‘s Irene are two of the most popular K-Pop idols of their generation. Being as popular as they are, the two idols have a lot of eyes on them, constantly grabbing people’s attention. Fashion is a big part of Rosé and Irene’s careers too, with both of them constantly going viral for wearing a unique piece and selling out those items super fast.

This time, the two idols’ fashion tastes aligned, as they decided to go for the same top at different events. The top made the difference in vibes between Irene and Rosé super clear, as their overall outfits both made for very unique looks.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Not Your Rose‘s Ivy Top is a 129,000-won top with a soft cotton material that’s designed to drape smoothly over the wearer’s body, conforming to its shape. The top’s design features a bustier shape made using a sturdy yet stretching material that helps support and shape the body, according to its designer. Not Your Rose is quite a popular brand these days, every day it’s worn by more and more idols and fashion bloggers constantly mention it too.

Rosé seemingly appreciated the unique features of the top, as the idol wore it during BLACKPINK’s Spotify BORN PINK Pop-Up Experience back last year. The BLACKPINK star paired her look with an SIO Winter 21 low-waist leather skirt (approximately 189,000 won) and Margiela White platform sneakers (approximately 630,000 won).

| Spotify

Rosé definitely chose her items with the 2000s-era fashion in mind, as she gave off major Britney Spears vibes.


The top also matched the rest of the outfit perfectly, being the cherry on top of a very cohesive all-black look that stunned fans. The vibe of the outfit matches Rose’s visuals perfectly, as the idol has always enjoyed the early 2000s pop-star vibes.

| Spotify

Irene, on the other hand, wore the top recently. During her special birthday video, where the idol spent a day trying out pottery and made 13 unique vases for ReVeluvs, the Red Velvet star was seen wearing Not Your Rose’s Ivy Top’s white version.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

The color definitely brought out a more innocent vibe to the top, despite the revealing neckline, something Irene has confessed to being a fan of multiple times.

The Red Velvet star chose to pair the attractive top with a simple pair of blue jeans, adding more of an innocent and sweet vibe to her look. Similarly to Rose, she also chose light color sneakers as her footwear, with Alex Arigato‘s Dice Lo Sneakers (approximately 313,000 won) finalizing the fit.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

An interesting detail about Irene’s outfit of choice is also the necklace she chose, which was kind of the cherry on top of the whole fit. The 25$ ADNEW Heart Necklace, though small, completed Irene’s look to perfection and was a noticeable detail. The brand itself posted about the Korean star wearing it!

The sweet and innocent vibes emanating from the outfit were too much to handle and definitely added to the idol’s overall natural cuteness.

Perhaps it was the light-colored outfit, or maybe even Irene’s cute behavior during the video she was recording, that made the outfit give off a completely different vibe to that of BLACKPINK’s Rosé. Despite the different use of the top, everyone can confidently say they did the Not Your Rose piece justice as both idols looked stunning as ever.

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