BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals The Some Of The Challenges She Faces As A Soloist

It can be tough!

It is a significant change from being surrounded by members of a group to releasing music as a solo artist, and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé knows all about this!

She recently appeared on the Zach Sang Show and spoke about the challenges she faced being a soloist compared to when she is with her members!

Rosé mentioned that there is an increased amount of responsibility compared to when she is with BLACKPINK!

 When I’m with my members, it would be all four of us, and we get to share the responsibility!

— Rosé

She also adds that she wants to be a great role model for all of her fans. Yet, while she is promoting solo, everything is on her, and she has to be a little more careful.

Rosé then explained that another challenge is the amount of work that she has to put in now that she is doing it all by herself.

I’ve learned to appreciate just how much my members and how helpful they were in that way! I would kind of take care of this, and someone else would take care of that. But now, it’s all on me.

— Rosé

It is a lot of work for a soloist as everyone always goes to Rosé to check if everything is okay, and she has to check that every detail is correct!

Make sure to watch the whole interview below!