Here Are The 4 Foreign Singers BLACKPINK’s Rosé Loved The Most Whenever She Went On Road Trips

She’s the perfect road trip buddy!

Can you imagine going on a road trip with BLACKPINK‘s Rosé? Her sister, Alice, experienced it several times! In a YouTube “RELEASED” video, she answered several questions about the BLACKPINK main vocalist.


Alice talked about everything from what fans may be surprised to know about Rosé…

…to what she’d be doing if she weren’t a global superstar.

She also looked back on the old times and answered what kind of road trip buddy Rosé really is. To no one’s surprise, she’s the type who sings, sings, and sings!

On road trips, it’s either her singing constantly the whole trip or sleeping.

— Alice

Music is definitely Rosé’s passion. Her sister revealed, “We would sometimes drive from Melbourne to Canberra. And that’s like a whole eight hour drive. And she would literally be singing for the whole eight hours!”

Thankfully, her voice has always been stunning! Alice listed down several artists who were part of Rosé’s eight hour long concert.

There was a Taylor Swift song, a good Chris Brown song, and there was Leona Lewis.

— Alice

Upon mentioning the last singer, Rosé gasped and excitedly talked about her favorite song.

Oh my gosh, ‘Bleeding Love’! I could sing that from, like, top to bottom. Like, sing my heart out.

— Rosé

Alice agreed, saying, “Yeah, there were good anthems we would sing together.” Besides “Bleeding Love,” they also enjoyed singing Alicia Keys‘ songs together.

Following the release of the interview, none other than Leona Lewis herself posted on Twitter to thank Rosé for the shout-out. She invited her to someday perform on the same track.

Rose, I love that you loved Bleeding Love 💕💕let’s sing it together one day.

— Leona Lewis

From road trips to world stages, Rosé’s the ideal partner!


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