BLACKPINK Rosé’s Sexy Side Had Jennie And Jisoo Gasping

No one was ready for Rosé’s sudden sexy attack.

To promote their latest track “Lovesick Girls”, BLACKPINK headed to 1theK Originals for a Prison Interview that didn’t chain the girls down one bit. Rosé shocked her members and viewers with her sexy side that no one saw coming.

In the midst of her rap battle with Jisoo, Rosé wanted to end her turn in a way that no one would be able to handle. Busting out her sexy dance moves, Rosé swayed down to the ground and back up. Jennie wasn’t ready.

The sudden sexy dance caused Jennie’s mouth to drop wide open. She even made a loud sound of surprise. Jennie was far from the only one taken aback.

While Rosé was confidently dancing, Lisa was sitting on the other side of the room, staring at everything going down. Jisoo’s reaction was just as hilarious as Jennie’s, though.

After seeing Rosé’s sexy dance moves, Jisoo couldn’t help but scream and turn away, covering her face with both of her hands. She soon burst into laughter when realizing that the sexy dance had earned Rosé the rap battle win.

Rosé definitely earned it by attacking everyone with her unexpected sexy dance. Even she burst into laughter over her members’ shocked reactions.

The world may not be ready for Rosé to unleash her full sexy side yet. Check out Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo’s hilariously shook reactions to the dance here.