BLACKPINK’s Rosé Sheds Tears After A Touching Performance And The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

Rosé’s beautiful voice is always bringing us to tears.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a true artist who is able to express her emotions well in her performances. Rosé showed off this ability during an episode of Sea of Hope and it will have your hearts melting.

During her guest appearance, Rosé sang “Because I Love You” by Yoo Jae Ha and while her performance was flawless, Rosé shed some tears and explained it was actually quite difficult for her to perform.

No, I…I thought about how I should sing this song. I sang it for the first time, but I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t do it at all of a sudden.

— Rosé

Though she had a bit of a struggle, like the amazing artist she is, Rosé was able to find the right emotions to match with the song. To be able to perform the song to the best of her ability, Rosé shared she thought back to her parents.

So I thought a lot about how I should sing this song when I got home. When I heard the lyrics, I thought about my parents. I think I can feel the love that only I have for myself. So I feel like I’m crying at the end. I don’t think I expressed it as well as I thought.

— Rosé

Rosé further expressed that she is able to feel the love she receives from her parents through the moving lyrics of the song.

I think I understand the love of my parents when I listen to this kind of song.

— Rosé

From angelic voice to her touching speech, Rosé moved the whole audience and the cast members of the show.


SHINee‘s Onew was impressed and commented, “She’s an artist.

Check out the video below: