BLACKPINK Rosé’s Sister Alice Reveals Just How Big Of A Foodie Rosé Is

Her foodie status earned her a cute nickname.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and her older sister Alice showed off their close relationship in a fun interview where Alice lovingly exposed some interesting facts about her younger sister.

During the latest “ROSÉ “On The Ground” | Countdown to Premiere” episode of RELEASED, Alice was asked several questions about Rosé, including a fun fact that fans might not know about her.

What’s something that Rosé’s fans would be surprised to know about her?

— Producer

Alice indeed revealed something quite fascinating about Rosé! According to Alice, Rosé’s nickname back in school was “Porky Pig.”

I think her friends used to call her Porky Pig.

— Alice

Alice explained the meaning of Rosé’s mysterious nickname and shared that Rosé earned the nickname because of how much she would spend at the school cafeteria.

She would splurge out at the school canteen all the time.

— Alice

In full agreement, Rosé confirmed the surprising fact and shared that she used to eat a lot and still does to this day.

Yeah, I used to eat a lot and I think I still do. Yeah, I love eating.

— Rosé

Though Rosé’s nickname of “Porky Pig” may have come up as a surprise, the fact that Rosé is a huge foodie comes as no shock. BLINKs know Rosé’s love for some yummy food! Through shows such as BLACKPINK HOUSE and more, Rosé has always shown her big love of food! Because of her slim figure, many fans were fascinated to see Rosé as a big foodie!

No matter what she eats, she manages to make the food look so delicious! It’s truly adorable and charming!

Check out the video below:

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