Here’s The Story Of Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé Cried While Waving Goodbye To Her Fans

Our hearts are soft.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé made headlines last July when she teared up while waving goodbye to her fans.

After performing “How You Like That” in a music program, she and the other members rolled down the car window and waved to BLINKs. Even if it was drizzling, they wouldn’t leave until the girls were well on their way.

Upon seeing them, tears rolled down Rosé’s eyes as she expressed how much she missed them. Lisa even gave her tissue to wipe them away.

A few months later, she explained what was going through her mind at that time in an interview with Sohu Korea.

Did you cry because you were touched or…? I’m curious about how you were feeling.

— ASTRO’s Rocky

She noted that the pandemic made it difficult for fans to visit their idols during promotions, and this made both parties miss each other greatly.

From my memory, it was during a period when we weren’t able to see fans up close so I felt that it was such a pity.

— Rosé

As the group prepared long and hard for their “How You Like That” comeback, they experienced mental and physical fatigue. Thus, when Rosé saw BLINKs waiting for them, it gave her strength.

At the time what was in my mind was that it was the comeback, it was tiring, being out of my mind, and I was stressed. So when I saw my fans who came to support me, I was very, very touched.

— Rosé

She was reminded of the reason she continues to persevere in her line of work despite its challenges—for her fans.

‘It turns out it is for my fans that I am working so hard.’ I kind of had that thought. Except I couldn’t see fans up close so my heart didn’t feel good.

— Rosé

Rosé truly loves BLINKs! Check out the video below to see her full sentiments.


Source: YouTube