BLACKPINK’s Rosé Treats Fans To Stunning Behind The Scenes Photos

It is a way of thanking her fans for the support!

To thank her fans for their support during the release of her first solo release, BLACKPINK’s Rosé has released new behind-the-scenes images from her debut album preparation.

In a message at the end of the NAVER post, Rosé went on to thank her fans for all their support with the release of her debut solo album “R” and the title track “On The Ground.”

Our BLINKs! I am so thankful for your congratulations with regards to my solo debut. It feels so reliable to have you always next to me, supporting and cheering me on. I am so glad that our BLINKs like the music video for on the ground, which we filmed with much hard work. In the future, please anticipate the rest of the performances lots as well!

Since the release of her album “R” and her single “On The Ground,” Rosé has been breaking records worldwide! With all the support from her fans, it feels like it is only the start!

You can see all of the images on the NAVER website.

Source: Naver