BLACKPINK’s Rosé Details The Challenges She Encountered When Singing Her Solo Songs

They weren’t the easiest songs to sing.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a main vocalist for a reason! The two songs included in her solo album, R, are vocally demanding compared to the usual dance heavy songs that she performs with the group.

Rosé performing “On The Ground”

In an interview with Billboard, Rosé touched on the hidden difficulties behind singing her songs “On The Ground” and “Gone.”

You’ve performed the song live a few times now. Can you tell me about the physical demands of that? The choreography is always non-stop with BLACKPINK — but now you don’t get a break on vocals.

— Billboard

She explained that the main difficulty she encountered was being the only one in charge of singing.

It’s definitely different from when you have three other members sharing the song with you. You’ve got to be able to carry the song from start to finish and be present for every line you sing in that whole three minute song.

— Rosé

She noted that BLACKPINK songs are usually divided into four parts for the four members. Now, however, she has to carry the entire song alone.

Usually it’s just a short 15 to 20 second part and you would put all of your energy into that part. But I had to be able to spread it across the whole three minute song.

— Rosé

Because of this, she spent more time working on improving her vocals: “I made sure I stayed in the practice room a lot to figure out where I was heading with my performance singing-wise.”

Rosé in the recording studio | BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky

It may not have been an easy task, but her work with BLACKPINK trained her well.

But also more than us training for solo songs, I think learning with BLACKPINK was the biggest part. Working as BLACKPINK for the past four years has given me a lot of experience, so when I am off on my own, I do know what I’m doing most of the time.

— Rosé

Despite the extra work that came with going solo, it was worth it! Rosé happily noted that she was prepared for the experience: “Although it’s many [more] times the work I usually have to do, I still felt like I had a lot built up in me.”

In case you missed them, check out her music videos for “On The Ground” and “Gone” below.