Rosé Has A Voice Twin And Her Cover Of “Kill This Love” Will Blow Your Mind

BLINKs are begging her to do more BLACKPINK covers.

BLINKs think they’ve found someone whose voice matches Rosé‘s so well she could be her twin!


On April 6, a Youtuber by the name of _listenSOMIN uploaded a cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” and it’s recently gained quite a lot of attention from fans thanks to her stunning vocals.


While fans instantly fell in love with her cover, they were stunned when she got to Rosé’s parts. As they heard her sing, they were impressed with how well she matched Rosé’s iconic voice.


And even though they know that nobody can match Rosé’s heavenly vocals, they were shocked by how close Somin came! Many fans gave nothing but love for Somin and even asked her to cover more BLACKPINK songs in the future so they could hear even more of her own strong vocals!


Give a listen to her version along with BLACKPINK’s original version below!