BLACKPINK Had The Most Savage Response To The Thought Of Rosé Doing Their Makeup

Jennie didn’t hold back!

BLACKPINK has many experiences being the muses of top-notch makeup artists. Their frequent schedules with magazine shoots, online broadcasts, music video productions, and more all require them to be dolled up before they step in front of the camera.

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This has led member Rosé to use the time meant for having her makeup done as a learning experience as well. She explained on Jung Yumi’s FM Date Radio Show that she pays close attention to the ones working with her.

When our makeup artist does our makeup, I look at it carefully and I copy it when I’m at home. I used it as a daily makeup routine.

— Rosé

The members originally agreed that her makeup skills “equal that of a master”. The main vocalist was happy with the response, saying, “[Though] it’s not makeup where I do it to others, it’s just makeup I do to myself. I really enjoy doing makeup. I like it a lot”.

After a little while, however, the members revealed their true feelings—there’s a limit to what they’d allow Rosé to do to their faces!

When the host asked if anyone would be willing to “let Rosé do your older sister’s makeup for her wedding” the mood changed just slightly.

Jennie replied, “But it’s a wedding though? A lot of photos will be taken”.

As if that response wasn’t savage enough, Jennie added that the extent of her trust was limited: she’d only allow Rosé to take charge of her own makeup when going out casually.

I think I’ll let her do my makeup only when we’re going shopping.

— Jennie

Rosé took the comments well, promising that she’d practice a little more before reaching true professional levels.

The closest kinds of friends are those that aren’t afraid to joke around, just like BLACKPINK!

Check out the full video below.

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