BLACKPINK Saved YG Entertainment With A Single Announcement

The power of BLACKPINK!

YG Entertainment has been in some trouble especially with their stock prices, but they have just been saved by BLACKPINK‘s latest announcement!


Ever since the scandal surrounding Seungri began, YG Entertainment has suffered some major losses. On March 11, YG Entertainment had one of their greatest losses when they ended their day with a 14.10% drop and an estimated loss of over 100 million dollars.


The fall in stock prices for that single day was the least of the company’s worries. Their stocks have plummeted in value by over 25% since the scandal first began causing shareholders and civic groups to threaten legal action against Yang Hyun Suk.


YG Entertainment stocks have continued to drop until very recently and it’s all because of BLACKPINK! YG Entertainment has seen their stock increase by 2.10%, which may not seem like a lot but every little change in stock price makes a huge difference.


This increase in stock is all thanks to BLACKPINK! Despite fans worry that BLACKPINK wouldn’t be having their comeback this month, it was just confirmed that they’re all set to for their next comeback at the end of March!


While the news is already beyond exciting, it could prove to be a major saving grace to YG Entertainment too. That’s the power of BLACKPINK!