BLACKPINK Scores the Highest Spot on US iTunes for a K-Pop Girl Group EVER

BLACKPINK is the first girl group in 15 years to get this chart placement.

The US has the largest music industry in the world, so for K-Pop groups charting on the US iTunes Top 10 chart is a feat in and of itself. To top the list is often just a dream. Well, BLACKPINK just made that dream a reality.

BLACKPINK’s latest comeback took the #1 spot on US iTunes on April 4 shortly after debuting. This marks the first time a K-Pop girl group has ever topped the chart.

This also is the first time a girl group, Western or K-Pop, has held the #1 position since Destiny’s Child‘s 2004 single Lose My Breath.

BLACKPINK will also share a stage with Destiny’s Child (right) when they perform at Coachella.

Not only have they gotten #1 on US iTunes, but the music video for Kill This Love also became the #1 Trending video on US YouTube. BLINKs are working hard to get BLACKPINK even more YouTube accolades.

The ‘Kill This Love’ music video is #1 Trending on YouTube

This isn’t the first time BLACKPINK has made history in the US. In January it was announced that the girls would become the first K-Pop group to headline the Coachella Valley Music Festival. BLACKPINK will also be setting out on their North American tour later in April.

Source: Twitter