BLACKPINK And Selena Gomez Interacted In The Past, Here’s Why Their Collaboration Makes Sense

Jisoo once talked about Selena to BLINKs.

The much-awaited BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez collaboration is finally confirmed! The two are mega-famous artists who rule the modelling and music world together. Any song they make would be an instant hit!

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While this is their biggest news together yet, it isn’t their first public interaction. Check them out below!

1. When they first met at an event

Jisoo and Rosé first met the American singer in a COACH Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show in New York. Not only did they kill it with their elegant visuals…

…they also took an iconic photo with Selena.

Their collaboration must have been born from this encounter just like how Jennie and Lisa‘s meeting with Dua Lipa at her concert in May 2018 made the latter reach out for “Kiss and Make Up”. Jisoo and Rosé were likely the link between BLACKPINK and their now-partner Selena Gomez.

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

2. When Jisoo mentioned Selena to fans

Jisoo once had an online broadcast with fans where they asked what she thought of Selena Gomez after meeting her in the Coach event. She revealed that she was moved by her pleasant nature.

Selena Gomez? Right, we said hello and took pictures together. I was touched because she was so kind.

— Jisoo

She then mentioned how she looked up to Selena since she was young, so the interaction was definitely a memorable one for her.

I got to meet a singer that I’ve seen since I was young, and I got to talk to her and take pictures with her. It was all very nice.

—  Jisoo


3. When Selena commented on BLACKPINK’s post

Though this comment was made on the collaboration post of BLACKPINK, it’s still a public interaction nonetheless! Selena left a simple heart emoji on the marketing material that confirmed their partnership, showcasing her excitement at the news. It received over 50 thousand likes in just three hours.

Meanwhile, her Twitter post confirming the partnership received over 158 thousand hearts in three hours.

Through these interactions, it makes sense why the two would collaborate. BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s incoming song is one everyone can look forward to!