BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN And Other Idols All Get Their Piercings At The Same Store And You Can Get Your Ears Pierced There Too

It’s open to the public for piercings!

Idols frequently go to salons and stores to keep their appearances stunning, especially when they are preparing to make a comeback.

Many K-Pop fans often wonder what the secret is to styling their idols in such a way that they can’t take their eyes off them.

Almost every idol currently has their ears pierced, which can often add the extra element to complete a look.

Although many fans don’t know why, many can’t help but love looking at the unique earrings that idols sport, often more than one on each ear!

But one K-Pop fan may have solved one of the secrets to how idols can look so amazing.

She planned to get her ears pierced at Nana Piercing in Hongdae, Seoul when she noticed a whole wall of autographs from some of her bias idols!

Judging from the signatures, five Stray Kids members were found to have gotten their ears pierced here who were Changbin, Hyunjin, Chan, Han and I.N.

And the results speak for themselves!

Another wall showed a few more signatures from well-known idols.

Remarkably, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was shown to have thanked the owner, for her piercings, which has drawn much attention from social media.

Jennie’s stylish and chic image is well complemented by her stunning earrings, courtesy of her amazing stylists.

The fan also pointed out that SEVENTEEN members had gone to this store, with Joshua and DK’s signatures being shown on the wall.

Other well-known idols who signed an autograph for Nana Piercing included VIXX’s Ravi, BTOB’s Sungjae and MONSTA X’s I.M.

The fan showed off her earrings on Twitter, demonstrating how talented and creative the artists are at Nana Store.

Furthermore, she stated that it only costs 10,000 won per piercing!

The store is open to all customers and does unique and beautiful piercings that will make you look twice in a mirror.

So next time you’re in Korea, maybe consider stopping by at your idol’s favourite piercing store!

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