BLACKPINK are moving into a special house built for them in Hongdae

YG finally announced the very first reality TV show dedicated to BLACKPINK and BLACKPINK only!

BLACKPINK TV will feature the girls receiving a huge present from YG for their 1st debut anniversary!

YG’s big surprise was… a BLACKPINK HOUSE uniquely designed just for the members!

BLACKPINK HOUSE is built in the youthful and fun city of Hongdae, where members can enjoy a fun social life.

All the members are clearly excited to live in their new mansion and share the whole experience with their fans!

Through the show, BLINKs will be able to see a whole new side of the members in their natural habitat.

BLACKPINK is leaving their luxurious dorm behind to the new and improved dream house!

Here’s What BLACKPINK’s Luxurious Dorm Looks Like

Fans are highly anticipating the show as they reminisce the good old BIGBANG TV and 2NE1 TV days.

Be sure to check out the teaser YG released of the upcoming BLACKPINK HOUSE!

Source: Naver