BLACKPINK stuns crowd with their beauty at Golden Disk Awards

Lisa and Rosé have quickly become the most talked about celebrities at the Golden Disc Awards for their gorgeous style.

BLACKPINK‘s visuals are so top notched that no member seems to be singled out as the “visual” of the group. The girls have have rocked many different styles but these photos of the girls at the Golden Disc Awards prove that the girls truly are perfect.

BLACKPINK also killed their performances of “Playing with Fire” and “Whistle” at the  event and won the Best New Artist Award.

Watch the video of BLACKPINK accepting their award with English subtitles + their performance at the end of this article!

The 31st Golden Disc Awards was full of amazing performances but the Lisa and Rosé definitely stood out as being unbelievably beautiful.

Check out photos of Lisa and Rosé at the Golden Disc Awards below:

Rosé showed off more than just her looks but she also showed off her killer moves.
Blonde hair really fits Rosé! She truly stands out.
Rosé’s visuals are truly untouchable. She looked so elegant and pretty.
Rosé flashed a cool yet beautiful look on the Golden Disc Awards red carpet.
Rosé rocked the show with her dancing.


Lisa’s outfit is just as unique as she is.
Lisa’s stage presence is so strong.
Lisa is beautiful even as she performs.
Lisa showed off her long legs at the 31st Golden Disc Awards.

Watch BLACKPINK’s Acceptance Speech:

Watch The Girls Perform:

Here They Are At The Red Carpet: