BLACKPINK Are Taking Over Department Stores With Their Makeup Advertisements

They’re everywhere 😍

BLACKPINK is taking over the first floor department stores with their respective brand endorsements!

| @herabeauty_official/Instagram

Recently, a fan shared photos of the girls surrounding the makeup section of a department store. Check them out below!

1. Lisa

There’s no one better than Lisa to take on the role of the first K-Pop idol to be chosen as MAC‘s global ambassador. MAC is a popular high-end makeup brand that is found all over the world, which likewise means that Lisa’s pictures can be found everywhere.

| @holin0930/Twitter

2. Rosé

Luxury brand Saint Laurent chose the perfect global ambassador in Rosé. Her stunning photos can be seen in their stores worldwide.

| @choosebp/Twitter

3. Jisoo

Jisoo’s feminine image and beautiful visuals mean that she and Dior are like a match made in heaven. Similar to the rest of BLACKPINK, it’s easy to spot her face in the makeup section of department stores!

| @holin0930/Twitter

4. Jennie

Last but not the least, Jennie can already be considered an iconic Hera model. Spotting Hera in the makeup aisle practically guarantees a view of Jennie!

| @holin0930/Twitter

It’s no joke to say that BLACKPINK can be seen all over department stores. With their indisputable success and immeasurable beauty inside and out, the girls truly are winning at life!

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram