BLACKPINK Tries To Create New Heart Signs For BLINKs And They’re Honestly Adorable

They are the cutest!

The lovely members of BLACKPINK recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a live broadcast and it was full of cute moments!

One adorable moment from the live broadcast is when Rosé revealed that fans wanted them to each do their own heart signs: “BLINKs want us to make a different heart.

Since each member had to show off a different heart sign, they four got creative and came up with some new ones!

Jennie volunteered first and from her movement as well as her big smile it was clear she had invented a good one! Jennie grabbed her two front braids and bent them into the shape of a heart. Her fellow members praised her and complimented how cute her heart was.

Next up, Rosé also used her hair to make a lovely heart! First, Rosé used her long hair in pigtails to form a heart and also used her front hairpieces like Jennie.

Jisoo followed up after Rosé but struggled to come up with a new and clever heart sign for BLINKs. Jisoo tried several gestures and while experimenting, the camera moved over to Lisa who stole one of Jisoo’s hearts. Adorably, Jisoo exclaimed, “You copied me.”

After she stole Jisoo’s heart, Lisa invented her own charming heart sign. Using the classic finger heart, Lisa held it up to her eye and created a circle with her other hand.

Although Jisoo struggled, she finally created a new and very interesting heart sign!

Check out the video below: