BLACKPINK, TWICE And BTS Music Videos Were Once Illegitimately Removed From YouTube

Everyone was outraged.

BLACKPINK, TWICE and BTS have been on the receiving end of illegal use of YouTube’s “copyright” strike system.

Twice’s music videos, “Like Ooh Aah”, “Likey” and “Yes or Yes” were been taken off YouTube as a result of a copyright strike from “Aiplex Software Private Limited.

In addition, BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and Jennie’s “Solo” were also been removed by the same company.

BTS V’s solo song “Singularity” also appeared to have been taken down.

The offending party appears to be a content production company based in Bengaluru, India.


It turns out, the company was taking advantage of YouTube’s copyright system to input false claims against the music videos. YouTube took swift action, and each video was restored soon after, with all of their views and comments intact!