All About BLACKPINK’s Twitter Hashflags, As Explained By The Members Themselves

Guess who drew them?

BLINKs who have scoured through Twitter in anticipation of BLACKPINK‘s comeback may have noticed cute little emojis beside the member’s names.

Dubbed a “hashflag”, these are images that follow a hashtag which can cost upwards of $1 million USD. They first appeared before the release of “How You Like That” and fans immediately noticed the resemblance the emojis had to the members.

In the June 30 episode of BLACKPINK’s Twitter Blueroom, it was revealed that the members themselves drew the hashflags!

Rosé first explained her own hashflag which is a flower that matches her name.

Unlike what fans initially thought, she revealed that it is not necessarily a rose as she doesn’t know what kind of flower it is herself.

I don’t even know what flower it is. Every time I draw a flower, it looks like this in my mind. This is how it turned out. We call it a rosie, a rosie flower!

– Rosé

Jisoo was next to explain her hashflag, a “shumon”.

While her members called it cute, she explained that the emoji is one she often draws.

I added something fun since it’s the first emoji that BLINKs will use. It looks angry because it otherwise might not be fun. It’s angry shu. But I was surprised when I drew it because it ended up looking cute.

– Jisoo

Jennie’s hashflag, meanwhile, is a mandu or dumpling—not an onion, she insisted.

Everyone, this is mandeukie. To be honest, I drew three versions of this. In the practice room, we had a voting session and it was close. This was the member’s pick. Don’t be confused, this is not an onion. It’s a dumpling, the top part is a dumpling.

– Jennie

And finally, Lisa‘s is a cat just like her sensual self!

The dancer wanted to keep it basic despite her members suggesting to make it more complex.

Though it’s the simplest, isn’t it cute? You can copy it easily, it’s easy to do. I was trying to upgrade it, but I stuck with the simplest one.

– Lisa

As these are special custom-made emojis, it is estimated that they will last only until the end of August 2020.


All of BLACKPINK’s hashflags are the cutest!

We all have our own styles for our emojis. It was fun and interesting.

– Jennie

Catch the full episode below!

Source: Creative Market