BLACKPINK May Be Ultra-Famous, But They’re Also Ultra-Relatable When They’re Broke

Broke-PINK is the cutest BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular artists in the entertainment industry. From YouTube records to digital streaming charts, they’re breaking out locally and internationally.

With a reported net worth of around 32 million dollars as a group last 2019, there’s no doubt their success has translated into a hefty salary.

Amazingly, the members don’t always act like they’re rolling in the dough! This was seen in episode 5-2 of BLACKPINK HOUSE when they visited a night market in Chaweng Street, Thailand.

From learning how to say “It’s expensive” and “Please give me a discount” in Thai…

…to indiscriminately loving street bags as much as luxury goods…

…to window shopping like they were in a grand mall, the girls showed they have simple tastes.

When they bought crepe for the group, they also realized just how simple their budget is. Lisa took one look at her envelope of cash and realized they were spending above their means.

We have no money.

— Lisa

They didn’t seem too bothered though. In fact, Jisoo had a simple solution to being broke: call Rosé on the other end of the street!

Chaeyoung-ah, we don’t have money!

— Jisoo

Rosé and Jennie, who were also buying snacks of their own, were hardly surprised.

They’re out of money? Okay.

— Rosé

The main vocalist readily ran back to the broke pair and gave them cash. Only then were they able to enjoy their food together.

Check out the relatable queens in the video below!