Video Of American DJ Speculating On Whether BLACKPINK Will Collab With Shawn Mendes Picks Up Traction

Do you think it’s possible?

YouTube channel MikeAdamonAir posted a video back in September 2019 about a potential Shawn Mendes and BLACKPINK collab… And, with the news of BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback, the video has been picking up traction.

BLACKPINK took a picture with Shawn Medes backstage at one of his concerts in Seoul, and at the time BLINKs were beyond stoked to see them together! Needless to say, the picture went viral as soon as it was posted.

BLACKPINK with Shawn Mendes | Source: shawnmendes/Twitter

The picture led to the question about whether they would collab together… Well, now with BLACKPINK’s upcoming album release, is a collaboration between the artists feasible? Perhaps so!

I say we bombard them with tweets until they’re forced to.

—Mike Adams

Watch Mike Adam’s whole video below: