BLACKPINK’s Jennie Actually Made Her TV Debut When She Was 10 Years Old

Before Jennie debuted with BLACKPINK, she was featured in MBC documentary “English, Must Change to Survive.” 

Jennie studied abroad in New Zealand when she was younger, making her the perfect subject for the show.

“English, Must Change to Survive” aimed to show a fresh perspective on the notions of English education for Koreans in multiple countries.

Jennie attended ACG Parnell College and stayed with a local family. The documentary featured several adorable moments that will definitely make fans fall in love with Jennie all over again.

Including this iconic onion-cutting moment…

As well touching words from Jennie herself.

“At first my friends helped me and shared their notes with me. Now, I’m more comfortable with English than I used to be.”

– Jennie

Jennie’s friends also revealed that she also taught her friends Korean hand games and some short phrases as well. It sure looks like she had a great experience in New Zealand!

“Jennie has taught us a lot of Korean at school, she’s very kind and really fun.”

– Evie, Jennie’s friend