BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals The Real Reason She Left Korea For New Zealand

In a recent live stream, BLACKPINK’s Jennie answered several questions that her fans were curious about.

One fan asked her how she went to study abroad in New Zealand, to which Jennie revealed her story.

“When I was 9 years old, I went to New Zealand and Australia for a holiday, and when we were in New Zealand my mum asked me, ‘Jennie, do you like it here?’ so I said ‘Yeah.’

— BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Then she asked, ‘Do you want to live here?’ and I said, ‘Yeah!’ and the following year, I was sent abroad to New Zealand to study. When I didn’t know about the world at just 10 years old.

I answered my mum’s question and I was sent abroad. (Laughs)”

— BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Watch her tell the story of her studies abroad below!