Interaction Between BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Jennie The Cat Finally Happened

The best interaction EVER!

Jennie the cat is a cat famous among BLINKs because of its name and well, because cats are cute!

BLINKs have always been waiting for an interaction of some sort between BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jennie the cat, so when it finally happened, BLINKs were extremely happy.

Jennie the cat held an Instagram Live which a lot of BLINKs watched as they have also become fans of this cute cat!

While watching, BLINKs saw Jennie’s comment, meaning that Jennie was also watching the live broadcast! Jennie sent a heart emoji making sure she expresses her love for the furry pet!

Jennie also commented that she is a fan of the cat, and fans can’t help but gush over the interaction!

Fellow member Jisoo also joined in the fun and made sure she sent all her love to Jennie the cat. Jisoo was so curious as to why Jennie the cat is so pretty, and complimented the pet!

Jennie also commented that she misses the cat and Mingus, making BLINKs feel that the two have already met, and wondering why there are no photos of the two same name-buddies together.

BLINKs are in need of a photo of Jennie and Jennie the cat together soon!