BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Bitter Food

Most people have the funniest reactions after tasting something they find bitter, but Jennie‘s reactions are too cute for words!

The members of BLACPINK recently reached out to their fans through a live vlog while relaxing in a nice little café. Each member ordered their own drink according to their own taste and got a Tiramisu dessert to share among themselves.

Since it’s spring season, Lisa decided to get a cherry blossom latte. Curious to what it tasted like, Jennie decided to give it a try. However, it seems like the drink was too bitter for her taste as she cutely grimaced and exclaimed that it tasted like the cold medicine, Dayquil.

Many people have the derpiest sour face, but Jennie looked like an adorable sad kitten after drinking something bitter.
Just look at her pouting!!

Rosé, who was enjoying the Tiramisu dessert while the members were talking, affectionately gave Jennie a bite. Although Jennie was excited to have a taste, she grimaced after it touched her tastebuds.

After trying to get rid of the bitter taste with some of Rosé’s juice, Jennie bravely takes another bite of the dessert again. Unfortunately, a second time tasting it didn’t make a difference.

Jennie then tries to make Jisoo eat some, but she refused to be tricked into eating it as she’s not a fan of Tiramisu either. After trying to convince Jisoo that only the “coffee part tastes bitter,” she ends up giving it to Lisa who ate it happily.


Jisoo clearly didn’t like Lisa’s drink, but still have a thumbs up and a smile to the camera anyway. As expected of the advertisement queen!