BLACKPINK’s Jennie Names The Top Qualities She Looks For In A Man

Jennie values someone who cares and appreciates her.

On an episode of Village Survival, The Eight, Jennie of BLACKPINK revealed some heartwarming qualities she looks for in a man.

Her number 1 heart-fluttering thing a man can do for her is actually listening and then acting upon what they heard. To not ignore her words and actually pay attention.

Her number 2 quality she wants in a man is similar to that last one, someone who just appreciates her and listens to what she has to say. She wants them to show he cares for her and doesn’t take her words lightly.

Her number 3 quality is a small action that can go a long way. She wants a man who does little actions to make her feel more comfortable, such as helping her in cold weather situations.

Her number 4 quality was similar to the 3’rd one in that it had to do with weather, but in this case for warmer weather.

Her last quality was about someone who just wants to stick with her and doesn’t pressure her.