BLACKPINK’s Jennie Revealed Her Thoughts On Her Nickname, “Female G-Dragon”

She spoke up.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been deemed the ‘Female G-Dragon‘ by fans, netizens, and even former BIGBANG member Seungri.

Whenever I see Jennie, I’m always reminded of G-dragon hyung. Both of them are always in Paris and have a really good sense of fashion.

— Seungri

During her debut showcase for ‘SOLO’, Jennie spoke up about how she truly felt about being compared to her YG senior.

It’s such a big compliment.

— Jennie


She actually studied G-Dragon’s public image to see how he became such a huge star in both the music and fashion industry!

There were times when I watched G-Dragon and studied his appealing characteristics.

I hope to make the right moves in my career so that I can continue on the title as the Female G-Dragon.

— Jennie


It’s no doubt that G-Dragon and Jennie have a lot in common. They’re both musically talented and are one of the most fashionable artists in K-Pop! G-Dragon and Jennie have both been given the nickname of ‘Human Chanel’ for their endorsement deals and relations with the famous brand.


Jennie revealed that although she may have studied G-Dragon’s charming characteristics, the fashionista-side was engrained in her since her early age!

Ever since I was young, I loved looking at clothes and magazines. I think people like [my fashion style] because it’s something that I like.

— Jennie


Most importantly, Jennie is Jennie before she’s the female G-Dragon!