BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shoots Her Killer Wink At Fans When Spotted At The Rilakkuma Store In New York

Jennie’s wink should be classified as a weapon.

Ahead of BLACKPINK‘s May 1 and 2 concerts in New Jersey, on April 29 a couple of fans spotted Jennie entering the Rilakkuma Store in New York. Wanting to be sure it was actually Jennie – who was surrounded by body guards and staff – one of the fans called out and asked if she was really Jennie. What she does next would melt any BLINK’s heart.

Instead of answering, Jennie simply made eye contact with the fan and winked, as seen in the tweet below.

Rightfully so, the fans freaked out. They can be heard screaming and exclaiming “she f***ing winked!”

Winking was a cute and effective way to acknowledge the BLINKs while staying “under cover” and keeping it moving, but BLINKs know that Jennie knows that her wink is a Weapon of BLINK Destruction. (W.O.B.D. for short)

Jennie’s iconic wink in the BOOMBAYAH music video

Jennie has attacked BLINKs with her adorable winking on VLIVE…


… as well as creating her own signature wink-infused finger heart arrow.

BLINKs can look forward to hopefully seeing and surviving Jennie’s deadly wink person at the remaining dates of BLACKPINK’s IN YOUR AREA tour.