BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Cut Her Hair, And That Can Only Mean One Thing…

Is that a comeback I see in the near future?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding BLACKPINK all thanks to Jisoo‘s recent hair transformation. While the cut looks gorgeous on her, every fan knows that there is really only one reason why an idol decides to change up their look.

It looks like comeback season is right around the corner!


BLINKs have been waiting for the girl group to make a comeback for almost a year, and thanks to Jisoo’s new stunning ‘do, it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer.

Fans have also been waiting to hear any news of an upcoming comeback.


Back in March, Yang Hyun Suk posted a mysterious message to Instagram saying, “April is for WINNER, May is for BLACKPINK.


Since the group was already due for a comeback, the cryptic message had BLINKs sure that BLACKPINK would be making their comeback in May.

Plus BLINKs were even more sure that the group would be coming back in May since WINNER really did have their comeback in April!


Another possibility is of course, that their comeback will be one year from their last.

Their last comeback was “As If It’s Your Last” back in June 2017.


While YG Entertainment has been keeping pretty quiet about their comeback, fans are positive that this haircut is a sure sign they’ll be hearing something new from BLACKPINK very soon.


Since YG wasn’t being very communicative with fans about BLACKPINK’s comeback, Yang Hyun Suk personally addressed some of the fans’ concerns.

YG Responds To Fans Complaining About BLACKPINK’s Comeback Pushed To June


So while we all wait for BLACKPINK to amaze us once again, we can pass some time by appreciating how gorgeous Jisoo looks with her cropped hair!

She really does look stunning!