BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Lisa Are The Best At Clowning Each Other

They just can’t help themselves.

BLACKPINK held a special live broadcast to celebrate their third anniversary, and they didn’t hold back when they decided to rated each others’ personally-done makeup for the day.

When it was Lisa‘s turn, Jisoo rated her a 3. Lisa became defensive at the low score out of 5 and asked why. Jisoo explained that there were empty spots in her eyebrows from where she hadn’t properly fill them in.

So, Lisa got her revenge on Jisoo by saying that hers looked just as bad. And, Jisoo pretended to get mad at her by playfully shaking her, to everyone’s amusement including Jennie and Rosé.

When it was Jisoo’s turn to be rated, Lisa tried to point out a flaw in her mascara. But, she was caught for playfully trying to mess with Jisoo’s score.

Since they’ve been together for so long, they know exactly how to joke around with each other so everyone can enjoy it. Check out their funny moment around 33 minutes.