BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Scolds BLINKs In The Cutest Way Possible

Jisoo gave BLINKs the “scolding” of a lifetime.

BLINKs can’t help falling for Jisoo‘s charms…even when she is scolding them!


During a live broadcast, Jisoo called out BLACKPINK fans for skipping their meals.


She shook her fist at them in a way that was just too adorable for words!


“You should eat!” she said.


Then Jisoo “threatened” them again by scrunching up her “angry face” and waving her fists.

It’s a little difficult to take her seriously when she is holding plushies on her lap!


Jisoo told BLINKs that they shouldn’t forget to eat and advised them not to skip meals.


She ended the scolding by asking fans not to worry about her because she eats plenty of food whenever she can.


BLINKs adore Jisoo’s kind and generous nature. Jisoo is known to go out of her way to take care of her fans and make time for them, even with her busy schedule.


Jisoo just wants her BLINKs to stay safe and healthy, but after this lovable scolding…


…they might want to stir up some trouble!