BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” Wasn’t Their First Song To Be Banned By KBS

One of BLACKPINK’s debut song also got banned.

On April 26, KBS released their 4th week music video review where they deemed BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” Music Video unfit for broadcast for Rosé’s driving scene.

BLINKs will remember, though, that BLACKPINK had a similar run-in with KBS for one of their debut songs.

According to KBS, BLACKPINK’s debut song “BOOMBAYAH” was also unfit for broadcast as it was riddled with inappropriate language. They found fault with both Jennie and Lisa’s raps.


In Jennie‘s rap she mentions Hennessy, which was banned due to advertising concerns.

Lisa‘s “middle finger up! F you pay me” line was also flagged by the broadcast company for inappropriate language.

YG Entertainment refused to change the official lyrics, but changed the live lyrics of Lisa’s rap to “racks on racks, I’m flexing crazy.” They also never promoted “BOOMBAYAH” on KBS’ Music Bank, so they weren’t forced to change the “bottle full of Henny” line.


Source: Naver and NATE