This Could Be BLACKPINK’s Most Legendary Photoshoot Of All Time

BLACKPINK stuns fans with their visuals in this gorgeous new CF.

If BLACKPINK‘s latest CF doesn’t make you want to buy their product, then nothing will!


On July 8, O-LENS dropped a brand new cosmetic lens CF starring the fabulous RoséLisaJennie, and Jisoo.


This queenly quartet checks their phones…


…and struts around a neon-lit set…


…while trying out a variety of bold new eye colours.


BLACKPINK demonstrates how these vibrant, yet natural-looking, contacts can become part of buyers’ beauty routine…


…while looking glamourous AF!


Seriously, how can anyone be this stunning?


The hashtag for the contacts promotion was #EOTD, which is short for “Eye of the Day”. BLINKs gave BLACKPINK exposure by tweeting and retweeting the hashtag.


Fans are now calling this BLACKPINK’s best CF yet…


…and can’t get over how fantastic the members look.


To see more, check out the full CF here.