BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had Everyone Cheering For Her Because Of This Cute Mistake

It was an embarrassing moment, but it happens to everyone.

BLACKPINK held their concert Private Stage [Chapter 1] in Seoul, and Lisa was spotted making a mistake that no one had minded.


During an acoustic set for “Whistle”, Lisa charismatically belted out her rap. Halfway into it though, she began to falter.

She couldn’t remember the rest of her lyrics and cutely laughed before bending forward in embarrassment. BLINKs didn’t want her to feel discouraged by the minor mistake and cheered her on.

Lisa wasn’t over it though, since she sulked and threw out her hands as she moved to her next position.

As a performer, it can be an embarrassing moment to forget your own lyrics. Yet, Lisa didn’tΒ take it so seriously with her cute, dramatic reaction.