BLACKPINK’s Lisa Excited To See The Penguins At The Aquarium Is Probably More Cuteness Than You Can Handle

Get someone who looks at you the way Lisa looks at penguins.

In BLACKPINK‘s latest BLACKPINK Diaries vlog, the girls visit the Georgia Aquarium and Lisa completely lost her ish over the penguins. She was squeeling with excitement before she even entered the penguin habitat, but once she got in it was a wrap.

When Rosé went underground to get up close and personal with the penguins, she was scared because of just how close they were.

Instead of a nightmare for Lisa, it was more like a dream come true! She fawned over the little birds even more when they were right there in her face.

If you look in the dictionary under “true love” one of the entries is definitely going to be the way Lisa looks at penguins.

Watch BLACKPINK’s full time at the aquarium in the BLACKPINK Diaries episode below: