BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Under Fire For Not Doing This On Her Youtube Videos

Do you think the criticism is fair?

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly on top of the entertainment industry. The members have branched out in terms of individual activities, from being brand endorsers to models to actresses.

Lisa, in particular, is known for her large Youtube platform “Lilifilm Official” where she currently has over 1.6 million subscribers.

However, even she is not immune to criticism. Korean netizens have recently began critiquing her for one particular aspect of her Youtube account.

She is under fire for not pixelizing or hiding the faces of people in the background of her videos. Many find this to be a breach in the stranger’s privacy, noting that they stay on camera for more than a few seconds at a time.

Netizens have mixed reviews on the issue. Some believe that it is not a big problem in the first place, especially considering that she is not the one who edits her videos.

I’ve also seen comments that it’s not Lisa who edits the videos but her company. Maybe her company can should be the one to fix this?

— Korean Netizen

Others pointed out that she’s not the first one to fail to shadow the faces of strangers in her videos.

This is quite ambiguous, some celebrities upload vlogs that lack a lot of focus and they don’t mosaic either.

— Korean Netizen

But on public broadcast, I almost never see people mosaic commoner’s faces?

— Korean Netizen

However, a number of netizens do not believe that Lisa has room to make mistakes like this.

I’m not only talking about just 1 second, but the faces of the people just stay there for the whole video
I think that this should just be basic manners so I’m talking about this because I was watching Lisa’s videos
The other Youtubers all cover faces so this is a big deal

— Korean Netizen

They say that regardless if foreigners find no problem with this, other celebrities such as Eric Nam always make it a habit to mosaic in his videos.

 People are really making up excuse saying that foreigners don’t care about this??? Eric Nam edits his own videos, and he hides everyone

— Korean Netizen

It seems to be a basic rule among all video makers.

Even when you watch TV, don’t all broadcast usually mosaic the faces? Only the people that appear aren’t mosaic-ed

— Korean Netizen

Do you agree with the criticism? Watch some of Lisa’s videos here below:


Source: Nate