BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jisoo Explain Their Solo Scenes For Their “KILL THIS LOVE” Music Video

They talked about the story behind their scenes.

During the “KILL THIS LOVE” behind the scenes video, the girls of BLACKPINK explained the meaning behind their individual scenes.

Lisa explained her scene, where she enters a red room with the walls covered in cereal boxes.

She claims that the cereal represents instant love and how when she steals the cereal, she steals the love.

Jisoo talks about her scene where she shots a burning arrow at herself.

Jisoo explains that she references her present self shooting an arrow to kill her past self for being weak. She can’t stand how weak she was and decides to eradicate that state of her completely.

Other than the backstories of their scenes, members Jennie and Rosé talked more about the production of the music video.

Jennie mentions that she helped with the lighting of Lisa’s solo scene.

Rosé talks about how she mentioned wanting to drive when they were still talking about the concept of the music video and was surprised that the director managed to make her look so cool!

Did you know the story behind their scenes?