BLACKPINK’s Lisa Literally Couldn’t Contain Her Emotions After Seeing This Trainee

Lisa fell in love with this trainee.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is currently a dance mentor for the show Youth With You. She literally couldn’t contain her emotions after seeing this one trainee. The contestant’s name is Zoe Wang, and she demonstrated her great vocal skills on the show.

Her vocal skills impressed the mentors of the show, especially Lisa.

The mentors were curious about Zoe Wang’s dancing abilities, which she wasn’t too confident.

Lisa went up to give her a quick dance lesson, but couldn’t contain her emotions towards Zoe Wang.

The other contestants couldn’t help but feel a little envious towards Zoe Wang.

Lisa begins giving her a quick dance lesson, but Zoe Wang struggles with following some of the steps.

Lisa still couldn’t hide her emotions once seeing Zoe Wang’s dance attempt.

Here is the full video below!