BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Revealed How The Other Members Helped Her Get Through Difficult Times

The members truly value each other like family.

BLACKPINK‘s love for Lisa is truly heartwarming, as the members just love their maknae.

Lisa was one of the first foreign trainees to join YG Entertainment, so her training experience was quite a unique one. On an episode of Park Jin Young’s Party People, Park Jin Young was curious about what Lisa’s trainee experience was like as a foreigner. Lisa didn’t know much Korean when she first came to YG Entertainment, so she had a hard time communicating with people.

Lisa also had a hard time understanding people, so it was quite difficult for her to have conversations with anyone.

Other trainees also weren’t allowed to speak English to Lisa, as the company wanted Lisa’s Korean to improve quickly.

The other BLACKPINK members made it easy for Lisa, as they would always try to interact with her. This allowed Lisa’s Korean to improve rather quickly.

Park Jin Young was also curious about if Lisa misses her parents often, to which Lisa answers.

While Lisa might miss her parents often, the other BLACKPINK members are essentially like her family too. Having fun with the other members makes this more endurable.

The other members praise Lisa for how strong of a person she is.

Here is the full video below!