BLACKPINK’s Lisa Receives This Gift From A BLINK And Immediately Bursts Into Laughter

Even her security couldn’t help but laugh.

When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa attended a special event for Moonshot, a fan presented her with a gift she hadn’t been expecting.


In fact, it had instantly made her smile and laugh upon seeing it.

As Lisa was preparing to sign an item, the fan had pulled out a long strip of packaged nasal spray. After the initial shock, she just laughed and wasn’t the only one.

After being amazed, Lisa’s security guard burst into laughter and tried to hide it by covering his mouth.

And, it was made all the more funnier since it was in reference to the moment where Lisa was misheard as saying yadong (porn) rather than the nasal spray Yadom.

Lisa has received many gifts from fans, and it seemed to be one of the funniest ones. And, BLINKs could agree.