BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals The Cute Reason Why Shooting For “Playing With Fire” Is So Memorable For Her

They have the cutest behind the scene stories!

The talented members of BLACKPINK recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary with BLINKs through live broadcast and it was full of juicy stories from their career so far!

One adorable story Rosé and Lisa shared was from their “Playing With Fire” music video shooting!

Those who have viewed BLACPINK’s “Playing With Fire” music video know that there were a lot of things being set on fire. Rosé stated that since the set was covered in flames for the majority of the music video it was incredibly memorable.

I’ve never seen that much fire in my life. We used a lot of fire because the song is called ‘Playing With Fire.’

— Rosé

Rosé also brought up the scene where Lisa was surrounded by fire and shared “Lisa was standing between the fire.” Rosé’s comment then made Jisoo ask, “Oh you’re talking about how Lisa got ash on her face?” Rosé confirmed it was the same scene and shared, “Yeah, that scene where Lisa walks away from the fire is memorable.”

Getting back to Jisoo‘s mention of Lisa with ash on her face, Lisa revealed that she was unaware of what the fire had done.

But at that time, no one told me my nose was ashy.

— Lisa

Jennie commented, “Didn’t the director erase it while editing?” Lisa replied that she was unsure of what happened.

Check out the clip below: