BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares What Makes Each Member Special To Her

There’s special places in her heart for all of them.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recalled the first time she met the other members and shared some of the valuable things they’d taught her during a live broadcast.

She remembered that Jennie was the first member she’d met. And, she always had a way of teaching her a variety of things well, like how to manage her private life and protect her privacy.

Then, she moved onto Jisoo. She had been the reason why Lisa was able to open herself up and speak more. It was because Jisoo had made her more comfortable with doing so.

When it came to Rosé, Lisa said they had clicked so well since their first meeting that they’d nearly been twins. So, Lisa was thankful for their close friendship. And, she shared that she appreciates how close they all are.

Lisa values her relationships with all of them, and they’ve all taught her different things. Listen to her heartfelt words at 54:17.