BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tried To Give Rosé A Massage But Things Went South Real Quick

Rosé just wanted to relax, Lisa 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa tried to give Rosé the famous Thai massage, but it didn’t go as planned! In the sixth episode of BLACKPINK DIARIES, the girls held a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After the concert, Rosé and Lisa helped each other unwind by giving the other a massage.

Rosé went first, doing her best to de-stress Lisa with a massage she could be proud of.

When it was Rosé’s turn, however, she couldn’t relax! Lisa’s “expert” massage skills proved to be too ticklish for her.

She couldn’t stop laughing throughout the process, wriggling her body out of the main dancer’s reach.

Lisa herself defended her massage skills, saying she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

By the end of it, Rosé had enough! She couldn’t stand anymore of the ticklish massage. Without hesitation, she made sure Lisa knew she was serious: “Lisa, I’ll kill you! You’re dead meat”.

Hopefully, Rosé was able to unwind through other ways! Watch the adorable interaction in all its fullness below.


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