BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tried To “Use” Jennie’s Aegyo To Get A Discount — And What Happened Next Is Totally Unexpected

Lisa saw a chance and bravely took her shot…by “using” Jennie. 😀

The bond between BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Jennie can be described as strong, since the two friends mainly rely on each other…

…even going as far as to playfully calling each other their “boyfriend” who “accompanied them on a date” on their official social media platforms.

Seriously speaking, though, you can see their closeness in the way Jennie defended Lisa when she was shamed by the netizens for their nationality…

…or whenever Lisa instinctively protects Jennie every time they’re walking together.

It can even be seen in the way Lisa once “used” her close friend’s Jennie’s aegyo in order to get a discount from a seller.

Lisa started off her hilarious story by telling BLINKs that when she cutely asked for a discount, the seller refused her request with a straight face.

Lisa couldn’t believe it when her request was denied. But then, she had a genius idea: what if she called Jennie and made her ask for the discount instead?

Jennie gracefully tried to help her and used her cutest voice to ask for a discount — even Lisa was shook with the transformation!

After all, most people who have seen Jennie find her a bit intimidating because of her looks…

…but BLINKs definitely know that she’s such a cutie, too!

In an effort to hide her embarrassment, Jennie gave a heart to everyone who was listening — you can even see her sheepish smile as she gave it.

Now, Lisa was shocked at first because the seller didn’t give her a discount — and she was more shocked when Jennie used her cute voice to try to request again…

…but she was shocked the most when it actually worked!

This is such a cute interaction between them! And when you begin to realize that the reason for their closeness is because Jennie has always protected Lisa, too, especially when she was scammed, you’ll melt your heart even more. Check out full details on the article below.

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