BLACKPINK’s Make-Up Artist Shared How She Collaborates With The Members When Doing Their Make-Up

No wonder the girls have such beautiful make-up looks!

Make-up is necessary when you’re a K-Pop idol and it has to be done well because a certain make-up look needs to compliment your outfit and the concept you’re going for.

BLACKPINK is one of the many girl groups that always has their make up done well. The person behind BLACKPINK’s beautiful make-up looks, Myungsun Lee, shared how the girls get involved when creating their make-up looks in a recent video filmed with Refinery21.

She says that the girls are very interested in make-up, so it isn’t difficult for them to collaborate when it comes to achieving a certain look.

According to Myungsun, the girls show her a picture of their make-up peg which she can follow. She then takes their face shape into consideration before starting to work on a make-up look that includes the members’s suggestions and at the same time will highlight the correct features of their faces.

For “Kill This Love,” Myungsun shared that Jennie suggested her to put some crystals on her inner eye corners to make her eyes stand out, she did just that and her look was perfect.

Watch the full video here: