BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Secrets to How She Completes Rosé’s Naturally Stunning Beauty

The secrets to looking like the stunning goddess that is Rosé.

BLACKPINK‘s makeup artist recently shared a video of Rosé along with information on how she completes her makeup in order to compliment her natural beauty.

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One day before her upload, Rosé had already uploaded the video of herself which received overwhelmingly positive responses because of how amazing she looked.

For that reason, her makeup artist decided to share what she uses and how she applies them on her own Instagram account.

She shared that in order to match her blonde hair color, she uses the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in the light brown color to fill in her brows.

And for her dramatic eyes, she used MAC’s mulch eye shadow, Kiss Me’s Super Keep Liner, and Kiss Me’s Water Free Cara.

In addition, she used MAC’s honey lust shadow to make the bottom of her eyes pop.

To complete the look, she used Stila’s kitten karma eyeshadow to add sparkle around the eyes.


Lastly, she shared that the lip color, which she received the most questions about, is a product that she got in Jakarta, which means it’s hard to obtain anywhere else besides Indonesia.

There you have it! That’s how BLACKPINK’s makeup artist has been doing Rosé’s make up to make her look even more beautiful than she already is.

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