BLACKPINK’s Nail Artist Shared How She Started Working With The Group

This nail artist never runs out of new ideas!

Nails have always been a great way to show your personality, and give your outfit an extra boost.

BLACKPINK has always been one of the girl groups that always impressed fans with the way their nails are done, from award shows to music videos. In a recent video with Refinery21, BLACKPINK’s nail artist, Park Eunkyung, shared how she started her business, and how she worked with BLACKPINK and other well-known K-Pop artists.

Being in the industry for so long, she shared that she has worked with various K-Pop artists aside from BLACKPINK, such as TWICE. Eunkyung specifically mentions the difficulty of working with BLACKPINK especially when shooting music videos because they have 4 members and she has to work more quickly.

Eunkyung told her experience doing BLACKPINK’s nails for the “Kill This Love” music video. She remembered changing the members’s nails 20 times within 4 days of shooting the music video, wherein she changed each members’s nails 5 times.

Eunkyung also gave tips on how to do nail art well, and shared her favorite nail art styles. She also started various nail trends that she randomly thinks of such as wire nails wherein she used neon signs as her inspiration, and glass nails.

Check out more of her nail art here.

Watch the full video here: